Murphys Ice Cream

On the 23rd of December, as part of my visit to Kilkenny with family, I went to Murhpys Ice Cream Shop in Kilkenny. It’s just opposite the Castle and so makes a good location to bring the kids to get them perked up again or to bribe them with a promise afterwards, if they aren’t the sort of kids that enjoy a walk round a castle.

It’s got to be a good sign when you arrive in an ice cream shop on December 23rd in Ireland and there is a crowd inside, eager to get stuck into a frozen treat. The shop itself is welcoming and brightly decorated. The staff are friendly and invited us to try any flavour we wanted before settling on what we were going to order, which we did.

The ice cream is a high quality product. It needs to be understood that the ice cream you are getting in Murphys is not your bog-standard 99 that gets fired at you on the side of the road when the ice cream van visits your housing estate for the 12th time that week. We are dealing with a completely different concept. This is an artisanal product that you just won’t find in many other places.

We had a range of different flavours. I went for a cone with Christmas pudding flavour. This is a rum & raisin ice cream with a helping of Christmas putting on top, served in a cone but conveniently with a wooden spoon to help. Nice touch that the spoon was wooden and not plastic, therefore it won’t be contributing to the single-use plastic problem.

The other flavours sampled included Butterscotch for the other grownup and Strawberry and Vanilla for the younger members of our party who were not so adventurous. All enjoyed immensely. We must have sampled eight or ten other flavours before settling on what we were ordering, all of which were excellent in their own right.

In terms of prices, you are going to pay a little more than you would for the 99 out of the back of a van. We paid €27.50 for six ice creams, some of which would have been large, so around €4.60 each. However this is entirely justified by the difference in the quality of the product you are getting. You wouldn’t expect to pay the same price for a Nissan Micra as you would for a 5-Series BMW. It’s important when looking at the price of things that we understand whether the price represents value for the product being offered and it certainly does in this case.

Ed Rating: 9/10

Murphys Ice Cream is an Irish owned company with outlets in a Dingle, Killarney, Galway, Dublin and Kilkenny. They are doing things right, great ingredients, friendly service and a commitment to quality. They are an example of how things are supposed to be. I certainly wish them nothing but success for the future.


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