Spiderman is a video game on the Sony Playstation 4.

In the game you control your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman as you swing round the streets of Manhattan fighting crime and evil doers of all shapes and sizes.

The storyline is what you might expect for games of this nature, fighting a series of progressively harder bosses which are mostly back loaded towards the end of the game before a final showdown with the main boss. Its a superhero game so the plotline is going to be predictable, but it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment.

Spiderman is an immensely fun game to play. Its hard for me to express just how much fun it is simply to swing from building to building. You can easily pass an hour or more doing not very much other than swinging around the beautifully rendered Manhattan Skyline. If you pause to admire the view you will appreciate the immense detail that has been put in. See screenshot above, featuring the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

The main story line is linear but there are enough side missions to keep you entertained for hours, and they are interesting enough and engrossing enough to hold your attention so you actually do them all unlike some other games I could mention *cough*Assasins Creed*cough*.

The controls are easy and intuitive and swinging from street to street is very natural. The combat is not overly complex but it is a step above button bashing. You can mash the square button at the start of the game and it will get you along but as the fights get more complex and the enemies better and more numerous you will need to improve your skills to survive.

At various points you will play as other characters and while the MJ character is worthwhile and I can see the point to her in the context of the story. The mission in Grand Central Station where Spiderman and MJ act as a tag team was a particularly memorable fun use of a playable side character.  In juxtaposition to this, the Miles character feels like he’s there for no reason other than to be setup for a key role in the next game, and his playable missions seem a bit extraneous to the whole thing.

If I was to make a minor criticism I would say that some of the cut scenes are too long and don’t really add anything. The only other critique I would have is that the world is quite small. You’re limited to the island of Manhattan. Its packed full of detail and it makes a lot of sense from a design point of view because you have to draw the line somewhere. Getting access to all of New York would be impossible, the game would never come out of design, and whats there is rammed with beautiful glorious detail, you can’t help but feeling that a bigger world would have been nice.

EdRating: 9/10

Spiderman will keep you going for hours. You’ll be thinking about it when you should be focused on other things. You’ll be staying up later than you should on a school night to play it. It will leave you wanting for more and personally I can’t wait for the sequel whenever it comes.

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