I am a 30-something year old family man named Ed living in the West of Ireland. I have things to say about what I encounter on a daily basis, some positive, some less so. I am open to rating anything I feel I can have an opinion on. As such, this blog does not have a particular subject theme. Naturally it will drift towards the things I am most interested in, Craft Beers, Foods, Cooking, Podcasts, NFL, Cycling, Politics and Current Affairs. From time to time you will find random things that I have encountered, that have caught my attention or that I feel may be of interest.

I will never rate something I have no experience with or insufficient knowledge of. So you won’t find ratings of movies I have not seen, or places I have not visited. Naturally my ratings for things that I am not directly impacted by, such as the NFL or Current Affairs, will be from the armchair perspective as a fan or an observer, but as these are things most people experience from the same perspective I hope they will be of interest.

All views and opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the subject matter/persons involved.