Alpro Raspberry-Cranberry & Blackberry Yogurt

Alpro Raspberry-Cranberry & Blackberry Yogurt is a plant based yogurt alternative made by the Alpro company. Alpro are a Belgian based company making plant based dairy alternative products. They are the Coca-Cola of this fringe market insofar as they control 43% of the market. Anyone who frequents supermarkets will be familiar with their range of milk alternatives and more recently yogurt alternatives.

I picked up a 4 pack of the Raspberry-Cranberry & Blackberry in Tesco for €2. I was sceptical having tried dairy free yogurts before and found them to taste either like a cardboard box, or be so over sweet as to have lost all flavour. Not what you want from a yogurt which should have a little bit of zing on the back end of the flavour from the tartness given by the cultures within.

These yogurts were a step up from what I had tried previously. There is decent size chunks of fruit in them and they do at least taste like a yogurt should taste like. Think a less sweet version of a Yoplait yogurt. There is no sugar, always a bonus, but there is a list of ingredients that you’ll have to google if you want to understand what they are. That applies to regular yogurt as well so whateves. On the upside for the vegans among you, they have B12 added so that’s pretty handy.

I’ve tried them on their own and also mixed in with overnight oats which was really excellent. They are not 100% exactly the same as a full on natural dairy yogurt but they are 95% of the way there, which is a lot further along than any of the milk alternatives in the Alpro (or any other brand) range.

They do come packaged in a single use plastic container so down with that sort of thing. On the upside if you’re the sort of person who worries about such things you will be the sort of person that turns the yogurt pot into a pot for germinating seeds so maybe it evens out. Failing that they are great for arts and crafts with the kids, they hold fiddly bits of Lego, loom bands if they are still a thing, or work great as tiny kids paint pots.

Ed Rating: 8/10

Look, it’s a tub of yogurt, so it’s not going to change your life. You don’t have to be vegan curious or actively trying to reduce dairy to try these things. They are good enough to stand on their own, I’d take the Pepsi challenge between these and a regular yogurt any day of the week. At €2 for four you lose nothing by giving them a try.